Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Out of the ashes the phoenix bird is born....or rather our new tool shed has arisen. It was finished on the day before Christmas after a two month long construction period following the fire we had back in September that crisped and blackened the structure and the surrounding trees . The new shed roof features a "flying nun's hat" design that raises the interior ceiling space considerably.

With the new outside patio area and cover in place, track lighting and interior cabinets we've both concluded that the space is much too nice to put old burnt and carbon stained tools in. It is now our studio/house art gallery space and summer party kitchen. We'll relegate the tools to our dirty space studio numero 2 at "Rancho De Ville" north of town and out in the prairie lands where the sounds of table saws and loud music won't bother anyone.

In our pint size art gallery we will probably be showing smaller works of ours on a regular basis. The folks here in the Boulder area will receive notices for the openings starting in the spring. Shows of miniature kites, small sculptures, photos, paintings and other themes will occupy the walls and counters. Intimate is the operational word with the three or four person at a time capacity. The new outside garden patio area holds a much larger space for the chat and drinks room. We're both excited about the new gallery space and will somehow find time between all the other projects coming up to put on a show or two. Come if you can!

George and friend, Todd... the intrepid builders at work

and....the finished patio and new gallery painted BlueBama and white.

...and here's the back alley blue view

Yes, this really is where we do most of our work. Sometimes it astounds even us that we fabricate these large scale projects here in our home studio space and then truck them to the far corners of the country and world. We've used the alley as well as our spill over space with awnings for cover. The curious passers by sometime get petitioned to help us along with nieghbors. We do have our Rancho De Ville dirty space studio as well as Melanie's home space in nearby Louisville for sewing projects. Never enough room! Then again, our favorite studio space, the small space in our heads always seems limitless.


Unknown said...

Hello When can I submit a project for the gallery?

George said...

Absolutely! It isn't very big but we can have some rip roaring openings in the outside space...as soon as it gets warmer out. Geo.