Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Every year for about twenty seven years we have flown kites on Jan first. It's a good way to get the cob webs out, celebrate the first day of a new year and see who is crazy enough to come out and fly in the middle of the winter. Some years were spent fighting blizzards, snow storms and swirling winds on top of Bald Mountain a short distance from Boulder. Then a few years back we discovered the winds of the prairie greenbelt surrounding the city. Sometimes perfect winds, warm days or absolute blow downs and hold on to your hats. It blows the old year away and puts smiles on all the friends that are brave enough to come out. Old Christmas cookie tins are emptied and hot chocolate warms the bellies.

If you're ever out here and don't have anything to do but recover from too much partying the night before, come on out and fly a kite with us.

the greenbelt plateau makes a perfect kite flying field

we flew a lot of kites that day

Santa Chris & Mrs. Elizabeth Claus showed up on their new red scooter

So happy high flying 2009!

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Darren Porter said...

Looks like fun...cold fun