Wednesday, January 21, 2009


With our new house studio gallery finally completed we had an inaugural showing on Barack Obama's inaugural day. Included in the tiny space is a showing of over one hundred photos from the news services from his life and campaign. The gallery was painted blue on the day that he was elected to office and opened on inauguration day.

Maybe we're jumping on the Obamania wagon but it is fitting to make a grass roots space here close to home to show not only our miniature works but invite other artists as well to show in our alternative art space. The response to our small "grand" opening was great with lots of friends and neighbors attending.

In the new Gallery O the emphasis will be on the miniature arts. Melanie and I are in the process of putting together ideas for the shows. Upcoming shows this year will include exhibits of miniature kites, a Bird House show, a photo show of turn of the century Tintype photography, a miniature printmaker show, drawings on paper and a show of peep boxes featuring a revised look at natural history.

If you're too far away to drop by for the openings (complete with miniature drinks and foods) please check our blog occasionally and see what's showing. Or go to our new Gallery O blog with announcements of upcoming shows, photos of the current works on display and further writings on the "Art of the Miniature".

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