Wednesday, January 14, 2009

TODD WALKER - A Legacy of Images

This month was an opening of Melanie's father's photographic art works at the Stephen Cohen Gallery in Los Angeles. Todd Walker passed in 1998 but left a great legacy in the photo and art world. In his 81 years he worked as a set painter for RKO studios, working on Citizen Kane and polishing the floors that Fred Astaire danced on, a flight training instructor for the Army Air Corps during WWII and a free-lance photographer for Chevrolet during the 50's. He taught photography at the prestigious Art Center School in Los Angeles as well as the University of Florida in Gainsville and the University of Arizona in Tucson. He spent the later part of his life after retirement from teaching being a digital pioneer after spending many years generating more than 12,000 photographic works, screen prints, lithographs and prints done in historical photographic processes. He had a small press called the Thumbprint Press and self published art books, printing and binding them in his home studio in Tucson. His work spanned many directions as he explored processes of digital photography in the early 80's creating his own photo software for manipulating images. In this work he pioneered much of what we take for granted in PhotoShop.

This will be an important showing of Todd's works since his passing. The show will be up through February 21st and will be a part of the annual Photo L.A. art exhibition.

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