Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Meander & Meet labyrinth

Last summer we installed a walking labyrinth near the Boulder Public Library here. Going to GoogleEarth recently I noticed that their three year out of date satellite photo of Boulder has been updated. It's nice to see it so prominent from outer space.

We worked harder on this than we have ever worked on any project. Almost five years arranging for all the proper permits and fundraising for the labyrinth and gathering a group of volunteers to help us with it. We hauled almost 87 tons of material in and out by wheelbarrow and sweat of brow. It took about two and a half weeks to complete. The pathways are brick lined with crusher fine gravel paths. The meandering paths leading up to the nine circuit labyrinth add a calming element to the approach and exit points to the labyrinth.

If you're ever in Boulder, it is located between the 9th street bridge and the Boulder Public library along the south bank of the Boulder Creek. It's quite a beautiful little hideaway to discover and walking the circuits with the sound of the creek is a transformative experience.

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